Semmarit aka. Seminaarinmäen Mieslaulajat was found in 1989, when a group of male students from the University of Jyväskylä wanted to bring something quite different and new to the male choir scene. Right from the beginning the choir has been quite a success. The main ideas of the Semmarit are to perform self-made music and to make a choir concert an action-packed show containing strong elements from rock-music, theater and well, whatever they come up with!

Nowadays Semmarit is a very famous show group in Finland. They also have performed in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal. Semmarit has made a four-part tv-show of their own and has a wide experience of performing in various tv-programs both in Finland and abroad also. The live show of the choir is a mix of music, humour, dance and drama. When performing abroad, Semmarit sings in English but has also translated their songs in French, German and Portugese. In the summer of 1999 and 2000 Semmarit toured in Germany, doing shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel and various smaller towns. In 2003 the group toured very successfully in the U.S and Canada, covering cities like Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver in the Northwest area.

Semmarit is able to perform in all kinds of places, from a street corner to a stadium. For the bigger arenas and clubs each singer has a wireless headset microphone. Being wireless makes it possible for the singers to move freely around the stage.

Making progress, expanding and crossing the limits of expression and not settling down are the trademarks of this choir. Check out the pictures and our video to get a glimpse of what Semmarit is all about!